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Rescue and restoration of an oak engineered floor




This oak engineered floor was in very bad shape with a failed lacquer, deep scratches and water damage.

Could damage like this ever be repaired ??





This oak floor was in bad condition, over the years the lacquer failed, the client had large in door plants, but the plant pots leaked causing black marks in the wood, the floor was covered in scratches, from chairs and years of use.

Normally floors in this condition are not a problem for us, but the was a tongue and groove engineered floor, with a floor like this we don't have much sanding tolerance, the top layer of oak could be between 2mm and 5mm thick and the join of the tongue would be around 5mm deep, after a full inspection of the floor, we established the we had a 5mm top layer of oak and the deep scratches were no more than 2mm deep.

We set about with our dust free floor sanding machines and removed all the scratching leaving the floor looking nearly “as new” we removed as much as the water staining as possible, but this had built up over the years and had penetrated deep into the wood, as we did not have much tolerance we removed as much as possible, we explained this to our client before any of our work was undertaken.

Once all the sanding was complete we oiled the floor using a hardwax oil, as you can see from the photos the floor looks lighter and cleaner, the hardwax oil will give this floor many more years of use.