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Danish light pine style floor


Our client required something a little different after visiting Denmark, inspired by the white wash floors. Douglas fir is a popular flooring choice in Denmark, famous for its light wood appearance, and the white lye and soap finish, was this something possible with our UK pine ?





We were called to a 1960's house with T and G pine boards, we chatted with our client about the options and the dust free floor sanding posses, then the question about the floor finish.

I sanded a small test area and applied some clear hardwax oil, the pine boards coloured to a deep pine finish.

Our client asked if it was possible to make the floor look lighter but natural, as they had been away in Denmark and seen lots of lovely pine floors and this is what made her think about having the rooms in her house sanded and finished.

I explained that pine in the UK was a lot different to the Douglas fir and that due to its soft grain nature a lye and soap finish was a perfect finish, but sadly with the 1960's pine floorboards in the house this was not possible, so we sanded another test area and with our expertise gave her floor a light appearance style in finish, this was just what she wanted, not to white but not to much pine in colour.


As you can see from the first photos, the floor boards are dark in appearance, we set about with our dust free floor sanding kit, taking off the top layer then sanding until the floorboards became lighter and ready for our finishing.

At this stage if we had just applied a clear natural hardwax oil then the floorboards would regain the pine colour, so we hand polished in a special product across the floorboards to lighten the wood but not turn it white, as if we had just simply stained the floorboards white, the floor would look stained and not natural light in finish, after this we finished with hardwax oil.


Needless to say our client was over the moon with the result.